Research & Development in the GTA

  • Anahit has partnered with the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT®), North America’s premier pharmaceutical Institute of education, technology and research to carry out our product R&D using a pharmaceutical approach with highly skilled technical staff.

  • Anahit has partnered with the University of Guelph and the College of Biological Sciences to carry out IP development and research into cannabis metabolomics and phytochemicals.

  • Our strategic Canadian partnerships put Anahit at the forefront for cutting edge research and innovative product development.




  • Colombia offers the perfect climate for cultivation year-round as well as robust cannabis legislation.

  • Anahit is in the process of obtaining the necessary cultivation, extraction, local sales and export licenses through key partners in Colombia.

  • Cultivation will begin on 10 hectares with the opportunity to expand to an additional 10 hectares.

  • We are in the process of purchasing a cultivation, extraction and sales licenses in Colombia to fulfill local distribution contracts with hospitals and pharmacies.



  • One of the most exciting markets, Jamaica presents a significant opportunity to obtain unique strains, cultivate high-end flower and obtain a higher value for its products.

  • Anahit has outdoor cultivation beginning on 26.5 acres over three sites, two processing licenses and an herb house license for local retail sales.

  • Outdoor cultivation will occur year round, yielding four crops per year, to be processed in our GMP extraction facilities.