Key Partnerships


Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation

Evergreen Pacific Insurance Corporation (“EPIC”) is an insurance product developer and brokerage, which owns and operates a captive marketing and sales distribution channel. The company’s ecosystem of companies focuses on the comprehensive needs of the alternative healthcare consumer. One of their four business lines is, an e-commerce marketplace of curated health and wellness products and services.

Anahit has signed an Agreement with EPIC to form a JV partnership to exclusively formulate and manufacture all cannabis private label health and wellness products provided for their platform. As the sole supplier of cannabis products, we will launch three products in the next 60 days and another three products in 90 days for Canada wide distribution.

TransPharm Canada Inc.

Dr. Alexander MacGregor is the Dean of Faculty, distinguished professor of Biopharmaceutics and current president of the Toronto Institute of Pharmaceutical Technology (TIPT®) – North America’s premier postgraduate institute of pharmaceutical sciences, technology and  research.

In addition, Dr. MacGregor is the Founder and CEO of TransPharm Canada Inc, a Licensed Dealer located in Toronto. TransPharm has licenses in research, testing, and is registered with the Natural Health Products of Canada as well as has GMP standard facilities. Anahit partners with TransPharm for formulations and product creation.

The University of Guelph

The University of Guelph is like no other university in Canada. Research-intensive and learner-centred, its campuses span urban hubs and rural communities. It is known for excellence in the arts and sciences, and for our commitment to developing exceptional thinkers and engaged citizens. Anahit has partnered with the University of Guelph and the College of Biological Sciences to carry out IP development and research into cannabis metabolomics and phytochemicals.

The College of Biological Science is a globally-recognized academic faculty with a mission to expand the understanding of life, from DNA to cells to complex ecosystems. It produces intrepid and interdisciplinary research in a student-centred learning environment that encourages and promotes comprehensive understanding of the systems that govern life. Our scientific advisors Dr. Steven Rothstein, Dr. Tariq Akhtar and Dr. Jose Casaretto oversee our research projects and IP development at the University of Guelph. This strategic partnership puts Anahit at the forefront for cutting edge research and innovative product development.