Think global, act local.

Anahit is committed to supply the market with high quality products that meet and surpass the Canadian standards; to do so, we have chosen territories of which our licenses and assets in Greece, Colombia and Jamaica can adjust to this. In these countries, cannabis development has soared in light of legalization, this is why, Anahit will take advantage of such developments internationally.


Bridging The Gap Between Market Potential & Demand

Anahit is a Toronto-based company in the international cannabis industry committed to bridging the gap between the emerging market potential and the developed market demand, following a global seed to retail sale model. This includes cultivation in emerging, regulated jurisdictions where the best natural climates can be utilized for low-cost, high-quality outdoor cannabis production. In addition to this, use of the state-of-the-art extraction systems produces extracts for local and export markets.

Our Markets


Research & Development in the GTA

Our strategic Canadian partnerships put Anahit at the forefront for cutting edge research and innovative product development.



Colombia offers the perfect climate for cultivation year-round as well as robust cannabis legislation.



Jamaica presents a significant opportunity to obtain unique strains, cultivate high-end flower and obtain a higher value for its products.